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Pokemon GO: How to Get Scizor


Pokemon GO: How to Get Scizor

How to Get Scizor – Pokemon GO

With a plethora of new Pokemon released via the Generation 2 Pokemon GO update, one of the most famous pocket monsters Scizor is now available. This Pokemon is wildly known thanks to its fantastic speed, defensive capabilities, and powerful moves that can decimate opponents.

There are two ways to get Scizor in Pokemon GO, with the most direct being evolving a Scyther into one. This is done by obtaining Metal Coat at a Poke Stop, which is an evolutionary item like the Sun Stone. Once you have this item, you will then need all of the candy required to evolve a the Scyther. Consume both these items and you will be the proud owner of a fancy new Scizor.

The other method is simply by getting exceptionally lucky and finding one of these Pokemon out in the wild. While we haven’t ourselves found one out in the world, it’s more than likely this is possible due to every Pokemon from the last generation being able to get captured. However, there is no doubt that Scizor is an exceptionally rare Pokemon.

We recommend just trying to go the route of using Metal Coat, as it’s a less painful way to get Scizor in Pokemon GO. So after a bit of luck and some patience, you will be able to add this Steel/Bug combo to your roster.

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