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Pokemon GO: How to Get Politoed


Pokemon GO: How to Get Politoed

How to Get Politoed – Pokemon GO

The new Pokemon GO Gen 2 update brought with it tons of new Pokemon, and a new evolution system that uses special items. One such Pokemon that requires an evolution item is Politoed, so we’ll walk you through exactly how to get Politoed for yourself.

First off, you’re going to need a Poliwhirl. You can either find one in the wild, usually around watery areas, or evolve one from a Poliwag, also found in watery areas, but more commonly. Now that you have that, you’ll want to get a King’s Rock. This is a new item that drops from Poke Stops. While it’s not a common spin reward, one should drop for you eventually.

Once you have the King’s Rock and the required number of candy for evolution, you’ll be able to select the Politoed evolution from Poliwhirl’s screen. Without a King’s Rock, you’ll only be able to evolve into Poliwrath, which admittedly is a strong Pokemon, just not an exciting new one.

Keep in mind that the King’s Rock will be consumed on evolution. The only other Pokemon this item evolves right now, however, is Slowbro into Slowking. So if you’re not interested in another Slowguy for your team, Politoed evolve away.


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