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Pokemon GO Is Getting Party Hat Pikachus for a Limited Time

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Is Getting Party Hat Pikachus for a Limited Time

Niantic heard your calls for more Pikachus wearing hats.

Pokemon Day is coming. Feb. 27 marks the anniversary of Pokemon Red and Green’s (the west got Pokemon Blue instead) debut. Pokemon GO will be celebrating with Pikachus once more, this time with party hats. During Christmas, players were treated to wild Pikachus wearing santa hats. If captured, these Pikachus retained the santa hat even after the event ended. This time around, all Pikachus found in the wild will be wearing celebratory party hats that they will keep forever. It is assumed, that evolving them into Raichus will not disable the hats as they did not during the Christmas event.

The celebratory event runs from Feb. 26 to Mar. 6. This is the first major event since Niantic introduced the majority of Pokemon found in the Johto region into Pokemon GO. Pokemon GO can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android.

A variety of events will also be running throughout Pokemon’s multiple games. In addition, multiple movies can also be viewed in its entirety on Pokemon TV.

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