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Pokemon GO: How to Get Steelix


Pokemon GO: How to Get Steelix

Steelix – Pokemon GO

With Gen 2 released upon the world, players are scrambling to obtain every new pocket monster in Pokemon GO. One of these new Pokemon is the incredibly powerful and durable Steelix which is the newest evolutionary form of Onyx. While this is one of the rarer creatures in Pokemon GO, there are two ways of obtaining it with one of them requiring you to farm materials and candy.

The first method is by evolving it directly from Onyx which will require you to obtain the evolutionary material, Metal Coat. This can be obtained via PokeStops, however, the item is randomized so there is no guarantee that you’ll obtain it. The best method is to just chill in an area where multiple PokeStop overlap so you have a better chance to obtain this item. Once you have a Metal Coat, you’ll need to obtain enough Onyx candy to trigger the evolution. Then, consume both items and the Steelix will be all yours.

The other method is through traditional means, by finding it in the wild and capturing it. While we haven’t been able to personally confirm it, there is little doubt that you should be able to catch a Steelix as all of the previous Pokemon in Gen 1 were able to be snagged in the wild. Though given the lengths you have to go to evolve a Steelix, expect this Pokemon to be on the rarer side so make sure to use berries and higher end PokeBalls.

With a bit of luck and some time, you will be able to add Steelix to your Pokemon GO collection in no time!

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