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Pokemon GO: How to Get Skarmory


Pokemon GO: How to Get Skarmory

Skarmory – Pokemon GO

Skarmory is one of the new Pokemon introduced into Pokemon GO with the Gen 2 update. It’s not an evolved form of one of the original monsters, nor is it part of a family. It’s a lone Steel/Flying type that happens to also be one of the rarest in the game right now.

Thanks to its typing, it doesn’t have a very specific type of area where you can find one. Like all Flying-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO, Skarmory can technically be found just about anywhere. Yes, it’s a Steel-type as well, but that doesn’t limit its location availability. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t appear much, so you’re left hunting until you’re lucky enough for one to pop up. Another shot you have at Skarmory is hatching an Egg. The larger the distance, the higher the chance. It’s still a very small chance, just like encounters in the wild, but hey, it’s something.

Skarmory is a worthwhile catch as it has great defense, and some solid resistances to common types like Normal, Bug, Grass, and Flying. It’s also completely immune to Poison and Ground, providing more of an incentive to add one to your team.

If you’re looking for more on Pokemon GO – such as guides, tips, tricks, rankings, and information – make sure to check out our constantly updating wiki.

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