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Pokemon GO: How to Get Cyndaquil


Pokemon GO: How to Get Cyndaquil

Cyndaquil – Pokemon GO

Cyndaquil is one of the Gen 2 starters players were able to choose when first starting out in Pokemon Gold and Silver. Thanks to the new Johto Region update, it’s now available in Pokemon GO alongside a number of other pocket monsters from the second generation. The best part is that while it’s not super common, it’s not very rare either.

Cyndaquil is a Fire-type, so it can easily be found where you’d find other creatures that share the same type. You will find them on beaches, in parks, and within cities and towns. The beach is one of the few water-heavy places you can find it though. Parks and other areas that too many bodies of water will be dead zones, so make sure to stick closer to where it’s dry and warm. Cyndaquil would not want the flame on its back to go out, so will avoid any threat to its fire.

You can also hatch one out of an Egg, even the 2 km ones which are the smallest. There are a lot of different buddies you can get out of eggs in Pokemon GO, though, so you may actually have better luck just looking for one out in the wild.

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