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Pokemon Go: How to Get Spinarak and What Stats it Might Have


Pokemon Go: How to Get Spinarak and What Stats it Might Have

Pokemon Go has been updated to include the generation two Pokemon of yesteryear and thus begins your Johto adventure in your hometown. You have a whole slew of new buddies to make, and spinarak is one of these new additions, so let’s hop right into how to get this creepy critter and what you can expect from one.

Spinarak is a very common Bug and Poison type that you will have an easier time catching around parks and at night-time. Don’t hang around water-y areas, don’t aim for cities. Stick around suburbs and you should have an easy time thanks to all the grass around. I literally logged on for the first time in awhile to play the update and the first encounter I had was with one. You can expect it to have moves like Poison Sting and Night Slash, and you’ll have an evolution to look forward to in this family.

Once you adequately level up your Spinarak with 50 candies, you’ll have yourself an intimidating Ariados. This is also a Bug and Poison type, resembling a full grown spider, ready to bite some faces off.

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