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Oxygen Not Included: Tips For How to Survive


Oxygen Not Included: Tips For How to Survive

Don’t Be Afraid of Rejection

oxygen not included

Oxygen Not Included will let you grow a space colony under a new planet’s ground. You’ll be digging, mining, and crafting your way to survival. Naturally, the team you have at the beginning is very important to kickstart this.

Even so, though, duplicants can sometimes be too much to handle. As you gain the ability to recruit more duplicants, keep in mind that you could always reject them. This can be done if none of the three presented to you are noteworthy enough to join your colony, but it can also be done simply because you don’t want another mouth to feed. Or nose breathing up oxygen in this case. Always remember that you don’t have to accept a new duplicant when the portal says you can.

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