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Should Nintendo Be Worried About Sony And Microsoft This Year?

Nintendo Switch

Should Nintendo Be Worried About Sony And Microsoft This Year?

How well will Nintendo fair this year?

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Amidst all this hype for the upcoming year, where does Nintendo stand as one of the major players in the video game market? In the hardware category, Nintendo has two major platforms this year, the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch. 

While both of these present a very distinct advantage to the company in terms of their innovations in portability, it is no secret that they are vastly underpowered when compared with their Sony and Microsoft competitors. The upcoming Switch utilizes a 1020MHz Nvidia custom Tegra SOC CPU, variable 768MHz/307.2MHz GPU performance depending on whether the console is docked or in handheld mode, and 4 GBs of RAM.

Comparing this with the PlayStation 4 Pro’s 4.2 teraflops of performance, and the upcoming Project Scorpio’s 6 teraflops of performance makes it clear that the Switch is vastly outclassed when it comes to raw power alone, especially when the race is now on to deliver true 4K gaming experiences. With its March 3 launch date fast approaching, it’s unclear whether the console’s uniqueness can make up for its weaker specs, especially when the software lineup isn’t looking too dazzling.

Its quirks, however, paint a totally different picture altogether. The Nintendo Switch revels in its ability to seamlessly transition between a handheld and a stationary console, allowing it both a great sense of mobility and versatility. It can also be used to effortlessly jump into co-op with friends, with its brand new removable Joy-Con controllers.

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