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Nintendo Switch: How to Delete Profiles


Nintendo Switch: How to Delete Profiles

How to Delete User Profiles – Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch allows for multiple user profiles to be created in order to separate save files, games, and other things. Sometimes you may find that an extra profile was made by mistake, you allowed someone to use your Switch for their own profile, or you’re just cleaning house to make room and will need to delete one or more profiles. Don’t worry, it’s easy to delete user profiles on the Nintendo Switch.

In order to delete a user, head on over to the System Settings menu on your console then make your way down to the Users tab. This will offer you a list of all the profiles on your console. Choose the one you want to get rid off then choose “Delete User.” To make sure that you’re not making a mistake, the system will ask you a few more questions for confirmation. Once that’s done, you’re all set. You can repeat these simple steps for as many profiles as you need to remove.

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