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Nintendo Switch Port Of Final Fantasy XIV Could Still Happen

final fantasy xiv stormblood

Nintendo Switch Port Of Final Fantasy XIV Could Still Happen

The biggest hurdle is Cross-Play.

Alongside the announcement of the brand new Samurai Job for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood at the Final Fantasy Fan Festival in Frankfurt yesterday, it seems that Square Enix also discussed the prospect of bringing the game to other platforms.

According to The Sixth Axis, producer of the Final fantasy series Naoki Yoshida took this opportunity to discuss the possibility of bringing Final Fantasy XIV to “as many platforms as possible.” This of course could also potentially include the upcoming Nintendo Switch, but the company also made it very clear that they did not want to create an isolated version of the game that would not be able to interact with the others.

Final Fantasy XIV already allows cross-play between the PC and PlayStation platforms. So what this basically means is that a lock on cross-play features between the Switch and other platforms would ensure that should Final Fantasy XIV ever come to the Nintendo Switch, it’s playerbase would be isolated from the rest of the community.

Should this problem ever be resolved in the future, a port for the Nintendo Switch would not be too far off, Especially since Naoki Yoshida has expressed an interest in bringing the game to the console back in 2015 when it was still known as the Nintendo NX.


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