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3DS Successor Is Not in the Works, According to Nintendo’s President


3DS Successor Is Not in the Works, According to Nintendo’s President

I guess we won’t be getting a New New 3DS XXXL.

For years and years, Nintendo has put their efforts into both a home console and handheld system at the same time, delivering on quality titles on the go and at home. The President of Nintendo, Tatsumi Kimishima, sat down in an interview with Time. When asked about the possibility of a direct successor to the 3DS, he answered with, “We are not creating a successor to the 3DS right now. We are, however, still thinking of portable systems. We are thinking of ways that we will be able to continue bringing portable gaming systems out, so yes, we are thinking of different ways to continue the portable gaming business.”

This news tells us that Nintendo has no plans whatsoever to make the Switch the home of all of Nintendo’s games. Being that the Switch can only last about 2 to 6 hours on single charge proves that the company will need a separate portable system for longer gaming sessions.

To end the interview, Kimishima states his goal as President, “One of the things that I have to do is, of course, to monitor our projects and make sure they’re going well and that we’re bringing them to fruition in the way we’d originally hoped. One of those, of course, is Switch, and we’re getting ready to bring it out, so that is one dream that I think we’ve accomplished at this point.”

Are you excited to hear that Nintendo plans to continue its handheld legacy? Do you think the Switch has the capability to replace the 3DS? Let us know in the comments.


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