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Nintendo Needs to Stop Innovating and Start Surviving


Nintendo Needs to Stop Innovating and Start Surviving

The Switch is a bit too different.

Nintendo Switch

While it’s hard to believe, the Nintendo Switch is less than three weeks away. After months of rumors, fake controller leaks, and the company being silent on anything regarding the “NX,” the Switch was finally revealed in a new trailer that showed off the realization of a home console and handheld hybrid. The Wii U failed to really nail the feature, but this time around the gaming giant seems to have gotten it right.

Still while many rumors, and even confirmation from developers such as The Pokemon Company, let us know that a hybrid was on the way, many still expected part of the new hardware to be in line with the two other major consoles currently on the market: PS4 and Xbox One. Sony and Microsoft’s platforms boast power that allows them each to provide simple, colorful experiences and also realistic AAA titles. With the Wii U missing the mark in terms of power, and therefore losing major third-party support, we were all but sure that Nintendo wouldn’t make the same moves with the Switch. But, from what we can tell so far, this may not be the case.

Nintendo has always been at the forefront of innovation, leading the way with new developments in video game hardware and technology. Thanks in large part to Nintendo, motion controls took the world by storm, second-screen experiences were all the rage for a time, and light-hearted games still happily coincide with violent shooters and RPGs.

They’re always different, and they’re usually the first to do what they do. That’s a great thing in general, but there’s a chance that the need to innovate, the need to be different from the competition may be doing them more harm than good.  And there’s a few reasons for that. 

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