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Night in the Woods: How to Jump Higher


Night in the Woods: How to Jump Higher


Night in the Woods, the indie adventure game that sees you follow Mae Borowski after she returns to her home town after dropping out of college, is finally out on PC and PlayStation 4.

From the introductory scene onwards, you will be faced with numerous gameplay elements that will test you in certain ways. You will explore town, speak to friends, play bass in a band with a small rhythm game, and attempt some platforming sections.

You will need to know how to jump high to get to certain areas and the first platforming section does not explain how you do so. The best way to do so is to triple jump by pressing the jump button three times (once each time you land). On the third jump, you will leap high in the air, allowing you to reach places you wouldn’t otherwise be able to. The platforming sections are not difficult, or particularly frequent, but it does help to know how to get to all the places you need to.

For more tips and tricks for Night in the Woods, and more on the story of Mae Borowski, be sure to check back here.

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