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How Long Night in the Woods Is


How Long Night in the Woods Is

How Long Is Night in the Woods?

Night in the Woods just recently released onto Steam, a surprise considering its many delays and no announcement of its final release date. But now that we can finally play the long-awaited adventure game, just how long is it?

Night in the Woods’ completion time won’t vary as much as it does with other titles. It’s largely a narrative game, following college dropout Mae Borowski as she returns to the small town of Possum Springs. Here, she and her friends will face perils both personal and physical, while players dive into its animated story and world. The gameplay is mainly focused on simple platforming and emotional dialogues between the dozens of characters, as well as exploring whatever creepy happening is going on in the woods.

That said, Night in the Woods should take somewhere between 5 and 8 hours to complete, with most players clocking in around 6-7 hours. Overall, it’s more of a short and sweet experience, with the opportunity to replay and uncover more about its world and characters. Or you can just jump back in and enjoy its stellar soundtrack all over again.

Now that you know how long it is, you can pick up Night in the Woods for PC through Steam or


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