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Naruto Road to Boruto: How to Unlock Science Ninja Boruto


Naruto Road to Boruto: How to Unlock Science Ninja Boruto

Science Ninja Boruto – Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: Road to Boruto

The Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 DLC that fans have been waiting on for quite some time, Road to Boruto, has finally released and it includes a cool story focused on the next generation of shinobi as well as some new combatants. Naturally, one of the new fighters is Naruto’s son Boruto. What’s cool is that he has a second, unlockable form that allows him to use a science ninja device to increase his powers.

In order to unlock this form you need to play the final duel with Sasuke that sees Boruto using the device to prove that he’s much different from his father. If you can complete the fight while maintaining over 40% of your health, you will unlock the enhanced version of the new hero.

What’s most different about this new form is that it is capable of using all of the different elemental chakras as opposed to just the wind that you’ll rely on heavily in Boruto’s standard form. Earth and wind serve for juggles and powerful attacks, fire helps build combos, and you can even use a lightning blade that is similar to Kakashi and Sasuke’s Chidori. The speed remains mostly the same, but the added abilities certainly do make for a world of difference, allowing players to take advantage of stage effects and other mechanics that make this new fighter a nightmare for other players.

Boruto still has quite a way to go before he can outshine his famous father, but this form is one seriously impressive start.


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