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7 More Anime That Desperately Deserve Games


7 More Anime That Desperately Deserve Games

Let us dive into these worlds.

Mob Psycho 100

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Mob Psycho 100 is a manga created by ONE, the very same artist who brought us the vastly popular One-Punch Man series. While the anime does bear some resemblances to its predecessor – such as the blank stare of Mob (the protagonist), enemies bursting into colorful mists, and extraordinarily powerful beings ruining the lives of others – it is very much it’s own thing.

Mob is an Esper, a person with powerful psychic abilities. He uses these to exorcise evil spirits and solve cases as a part-time worker at the “Talk About Spirits Agency.” There, he works under Master Reigen (who isn’t actually a psychic) while also dealing with everyday high school life. Naturally this leads to many hijinks, as Mob is powerful yet somehow oblivious to it, and Reigen uses that for profit yet at the same time genuinely cares about Mob. What really ties the relationship and everything else together, though, is the action, and that’s something that can translate very well into a video game.

Picture a game where you deal with cases after school, but you also have to balance clubs, your relationship with your family, and a master who doesn’t have any powers. Huge action RPG bits will help break up the monotony as you discover a bigger mystery, and you’ll even come across other Espers. Maybe you don’t even have to play as Mob, and will be able to create your own Esper to join in the universe. Either way, there’s plenty of rich and often hilarious material to work with. 

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