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Digimon World Next Order: How to Get Meicoomon


Digimon World Next Order: How to Get Meicoomon

Meicoomon – Digimon World: Next Order

Meicoomon is in high demand after having debuted in Digimon Adventure Tri. Now that the monster has been placed into Digimon World: Next Order, everyone wants to get their hands on this adorable monster, even if it isn’t all that powerful. You’ll have to complete a few steps to gain access.

Unlike many of the other Digimon in the game, you’ll need to actually unlock Meicoomon’s Digivolve path, meaning no matter what you do, you won’t get one until completing its quest. The quest appears around Chapter 2 where you get a DigiMail EX Scenario message from the monster in question. You’re told to meet it at a place with cables, grass, and trees. This is the the Old Cableway area that you can reach from the southeastern part of Nigh Plains. Once there, you’ll have to take down a Growlmon.

After that, you’ll get another objective that isn’t exactly clear. You’ll be told to head to a location with greenery, soil, a waterfall, a fence, and a long bridge. This happens to be Guts Waste. Head there and search for the item near the center of the map and you’ll have to fight some Piddomon. Head back to Meicoomon and finish the questline to get a stone that allows a Rookie partner to instantly become the new Digimon, as well as unlock its Digivolution line.

Meicoomon can evolve from either Salamon or Keramon by matching at least five of the following parameters:

  • Strength – 150
  • Wisdom – 150
  • Speed -150
  • Weight – 14 or less
  • Bond – 50
  • Discipline – 29


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