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Meet the Games that Inspired For Honor’s Combat


Meet the Games that Inspired For Honor’s Combat

Hacking and slashing and thrashing.

For Honor and its Inspirations

for honor 2

Since its announcement in 2015, we’ve been scratching our heads in fascination over Ubisoft’s For Honor. In many ways, it’s a game that has never been attempted by a AAA publisher like Ubisoft–a multiplayer-focused game with an intricately-designed combat system based on directional blocks and attacks.

But across the board, For Honor’s brand of combat is not all that new. And despite its comparisons to traditional fighting games and even the ever-popular Dark Souls relation, there is a grip of niche PC games that pioneered the mechanics For Honor is built on, some of which are still great fun if you’re looking for the same style of combat with higher stakes. Let’s take a look.

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