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League of Legends’ Maokai to Be Updated


League of Legends’ Maokai to Be Updated

Our favorite tree is getting some changes.

About a week ago, Riot Games announced a Tank update for League of Legends, starting with Sejuani. Much like they did with their assassins, the updates will be made to make some very clear pros and cons to playing specific champions. Currently, in the top lane, it has been made very apparent that the absence of a tank is very disadvantageous, most recently with teams like TSM dropping games when tanks were not played, but being very dominant when they did. Tanks have traditionally been played as a front line to soak up damage, but more recently they have been a little too hard to kill while still being able to kill others reliably.

In regards to Maokai, Riot felt that there were specific aspects of the champion that should be fine tuned. First off, they believe Maokai to be a bit too “generic.” Not that he’s a bad pick. In fact, he’s picked quite often. The problem is that Maokai can be filled into a team without much thought, leaving little room for counterplay. Riot states that after Maokai’s update, he should excel as an anti-caster, but less so in other aspects.

Maokai is also a bit easy to play, with certain skills being too effective, even with lower skilled players so certain skills will be either altered or changed completely. His damage output will also be slightly less constant after the rework. While a lot of this information is a bit vague, Riot has also stated that with Maokai’s lore change making him a lot more malevolent, the champion’s theme will also be made to reflect this.

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