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Japanese Version of Resident Evil 7 Is Much Less Grotesque

resident evil 7 is a lot like resident evil 1

Japanese Version of Resident Evil 7 Is Much Less Grotesque

Less, but still pretty dang bloody.

It looks like Resident Evil 7 character deputy David Anderson has a way better time in the Japanese version of the game when compared to the North American release according to a video comparing the two.

Of course Resident Evil 7 is filled with blood-dripping, limb tearing, gut slashing horror, but some more vivid scenes seem to be edited differently for Japanese audiences. Warning, the video and explanation below have some Resident Evil 7 story spoilers.

The video from YouTube channel Censored Gaming shows David Anderson getting his head severed with a shovel in the US version, where in Japan he is stabbed but the head stays in place. Later his head is then placed in a fridge for Ethan to find, but the Japanese version simply has a crossed out photo resting inside instead. Probably the biggest change is the US version has Ethan reach inside Anderson’s exposed throat to produce a key needed to progress in the game, however in Japan the key is just resting next to his body (albeit a horribly disfigured body) with head still attached.

Other changes are noticed in the video as well, and the kicker is that the Japanese footage is actually from the the higher rated “Grotesque Version” of the game with a lower rated version being even more tame. Looks like American audiences just really like some old-fashioned gore.


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