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Is Nier Automata Coming to Xbox One?


Is Nier Automata Coming to Xbox One?

Is Nier Automata Coming to Xbox One?

PS4 and PC players wanting to cause an insane amount of havoc in the chaotic, action filled world of Nier Automata will only have to wait a few more days until they can get their hands on it. But will this exciting title be coming to Xbox One?

While Nier Automata is slated to arrive on both PS4 and PC, Xbox One users will sadly not get to try this title anytime soon. In an interview with Nier Automata producer Yosuke Saito, he stated, “The main reason for this is that the Japanese market for Xbox One is not strong, so the decision was made to focus on PlayStation 4 rather than to split our efforts across two platforms.”

He then went on to explain that, “The biggest benefit to developing on one platform is that we did not have to split our time, allowing us to focus more on the quality. It is not about whether one platform is better than the other, it’s that from a development point of view were can devote more time to one platform.”

This may come as a surprise to Xbox One fans, as the original Nier game was actually released on the Xbox 360 back in 2010. Sadly, it seems players will either need to purchase this title for PS4 or wait until the release of Nier Automata on PC on March 10. For those looking to jump right into the action on PS4, this sequel is set to release March 7, 2017 in North America.

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