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How to Get Free PS4 Games


How to Get Free PS4 Games

How to Get Free PS4 Games

Since the launch of the PS4, Sony has made it a requirement to buy a PlayStation Plus membership if you want to play online multiplayer with friends. For some, this membership is a necessity as online multiplayer has become a staple in the gaming community. Besides playing being able to play online, the PlayStation Plus membership offers a few free games every month. The number of games that are free each month varies, but there is always more than one game to choose from. This is the most consistent way to get free PS4 games every month, and there is no reason for you to not download every game that is available each month.

If you are worried about space on your hard drive being taken up by games you are not interested it, then you can delete them off of your hard drive and download them from your library again later. Once you have downloaded the game, your PlayStation account will remember that you have downloaded it in the past and will not make you purchase it again. This way, you will always have games in your library that you didn’t have to buy, that you can download if you are looking for a rainy day game. Essentially, your library will become more impressive simply by using a service you already have.


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