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Horizon Zero Dawn: How Long It Is and How Many Quests There Are


Horizon Zero Dawn: How Long It Is and How Many Quests There Are

How Long Is Horizon Zero Dawn?

As you embark on your adventure with Aloy from her beginnings, you’ll explore the huge world, meet many different people, and come face to face with a bunch of formidable machines. Of course, many players may be wondering, just how long is Horizon Zero Dawn, and how many quests will you have to complete in order to reach the end?

During our playthrough of the game which saw us complete a number of side activities and objectives along the way, Horizon Zero Dawn took us just under 30 hours to finish. This consisted of us completing all 21 of Horizon Zero Dawn’s main missions, about 20 side missions, and picking up a good portion of the collectibles too. With that in mind, we estimate it’ll take you around the 50-hour mark to 100% complete if you’re after that elusive Platinum trophy.

On the next page, we’ve listed all of the campaign’s main quests so you can see where you’re up to. We advise you don’t go any further if you want to enjoy the game completely spoiler free. Some of the quest titles can hint at what’s to come or where Aloy may go. You have been warned.

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