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Horizon Zero Dawn Gets Double Trailers, Double the Killer Machine Action


Horizon Zero Dawn Gets Double Trailers, Double the Killer Machine Action

Dangerous enemies.

Horizon Zero Dawn is set in a semi post-apocalyptic world that’s been completely overrun with giant sentient robots, who aren’t afraid to kill you of course. Two new trailers released today introduce two of the creature you’ll be hunting down, the Thunderjaw and Snapmaw. In Horizon Zero Dawn you play as Aloy, a hunter and archer surviving in the world by living with her clan. She sets out on a journey to discover the dangers and mysteries behind what’s made her live such a sheltered life.

The combat-class Thunjerjaw is a hulking mechanical beast resembling a T-Rex, and one of the deadliest creatures you’ll come across in the game. It comes equipped with cannons, disc launcher, and mouth lasers, but can also destroy its prey with claw swipes at close range.

The Snapmaw on the other hand resembles a giant alligator, and can usually be found near bodies of water where it collects minerals from the sediment. When provoked it can attack with deadly ferocity and speed, using a combination of claw attacks and tail swipes. It can also fire off Cryo Mortars from a distance, freezing attackers in their place.

Horizon Zero Dawn launches on Feb. 28, exclusively for PlayStation 4. Make sure you take a look at the most recent story trailer for the game, as well as a glimpse at its photo mode.

What aspect of Horizon Zero Dawn are you most excited about? Let us know down in the comments below.



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