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Is There a Horizon Zero Dawn Pre-Order Bonus on Amazon?


Is There a Horizon Zero Dawn Pre-Order Bonus on Amazon?

Horizon Zero Dawn Amazon Pre-Order Bonus

Horizon Zero Dawn has finally arrived, and that means it’s time to figure out what retailer you’ll be picking it up from. With a couple of different editions and a few different pre-order bonuses available, let’s break down what pre-order bonus you’ll get if you buy from Amazon.

Pre-ordering from Amazon will get you the game’s universal pre-order bonus, the Nora Machine Trapper Pack, “A resource pack that includes modifications for your weapon and outfit, and resources for crafting ammo and traps.” Keep in mind, however, that you’ll get this same bonus no matter where you pre-order.

Another perk of buying off Amazon is the Amazon Prime discount. If you’re a member, you can grab the game for 20%, meaning $48 instead of the standard $60.

Unfortunately, those are all the pre-order bonuses you can get for Horizon Zero Dawn on Amazon. If you’re looking for more, you probably want to pre-order from GameStop instead, which is offering the following bonuses along with the Trapper Pack:

  • Nora Lookout Outfit: A unique outfit with enhanced camouflage and an extra modification slot.
  • Nora Longshot Bow: A hunting weapon with improved accuracy and an additional modification slot.
  • Exclusive Double Sided Poster: While “extremely limited” supplies last, GameStop retailers will be offering 16″ x 20″ double-sided posters to in-store purchasers and online orders that bring in a printout of their confirmation page.

You can also pre-order Horizon Zero Dawn from the PlayStation Store for a dynamic Horizon theme.

For more, feel free to check our guide to all the Horizon Zero Dawn special editions and pre-order bonuses.


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