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Halo Wars 2: What Is the Welcome to the Ark Pack?


Halo Wars 2: What Is the Welcome to the Ark Pack?

What Is Welcome to the Ark? – Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars 2 already has plenty of content to keep you busy, with a sizable campaign playable in both single player and co-op, and the various multiplayer modes. However, we do already know that the game will be receiving DLC, adding on to both the campaign and multiplayer. If you’ve browsed either the Xbox store or the Windows store for Halo Wars 2, you may have noticed a listing for something called “Welcome to the Ark.”

Unfortunately, it’s not entirely clear just what this add-on or piece might be. The listing says the pack is only available as part of a bundle, coming with either the Standard Edition or Ultimate Collector’s Edition. The description reads as follows, “Experience the exciting first battles between the UNSC and The Banished. Unlocks the story missions and multiplayer leaders from the original Halo Wars 2 campaign.”

Microsoft hasn’t said anything about Welcome to the Ark, and whether it will add anything on in the future. It’s possible that it could be a free piece of DLC later on down the road. Alternatively, it could just be a piece of content containing the main campaign already in Halo Wars 2, just separated out from the main game download. If Microsoft comments to clear up the listing, we’ll make sure to update this post.

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