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Halo Wars 2: What Comes In the Ultimate Edition?


Halo Wars 2: What Comes In the Ultimate Edition?

Ultimate Edition Contents – Halo Wars 2

The next chapter in Microsoft’s premiere series is finally here with Halo Wars 2, and you’ll have a couple different options on how you want to buy it. There is, of course, the standard edition you can get for $59.99, which includes just a regular copy of the game. Also keep in mind if you buy digitally, Halo Wars 2 is part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program.

However, if you want to get something with a few added bonuses, you’ll want to go with the Ultimate Edition. This’ll set you back $79.99, but comes packed with some exciting extras. Here’s what you get:

  • Copy of the game – Digital or physical, depending on how you buy.
  • Early access – Play the game four days early on Fri., Feb. 17
  • The Halo Wars 2 Season Pass – Updates in the future will include new units, maps, leaders, and story missions.
  • Free copy of Halo Wars: Definitive Edition – An updated version of the original game made to run natively on Xbox One an PC.
  • Isabel Pack – A starter pack of Blitz cards usable in Blitz mode.
  • Halo Wars 2: Welcome to the Ark – A DLC pack available through this bundle that adds on new leaders and campaign missions.

The Ultimate Edition obviously adds on quite a bit of value to your experience, so if you’re convinced on sticking with the game it may be a good purchase for you.

For more guides, helps, and tips on Halo Wars 2, make sure to check back with Twinfinite.

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