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Ghost Recon Wildlands: How To Mark Enemies

ghost recon

Ghost Recon Wildlands: How To Mark Enemies

Your drone is your best friend.

How to Mark Enemies – Ghost Recon Wildlands

One thing players will learn very early on in Ghost Recon Wildlands is that the world is absolutely teeming with enemies, some of whom are almost invisible against the natural foliage of Bolivia. And as such, players will need to constantly mark them on their maps so that they can be aware of their locations at all times.

The most easiest method of doing this is by aiming down your sights at the enemy. Simply hold down the Left Trigger (Xbox One), L2 button (PlayStation 4) or the right-mouse key (PC) to aim when an enemy is directly in front of you, and an orange marker should appear on their head after a few seconds.

The second method of doing this is by using the binoculars at you disposal, which can be equipped by pressing down on the D-Pad. This will allow you to utilize variable magnification to mark your enemies from afar, saving you the trouble of having to get up close and personal.

And the final, and probably the most gratifying, method of marking enemies is by making use of your personal drone. Simply press up on the D-Pad to deploy, and then you can fly around the surrounding areas marking enemies to your heart’s content. Keep in mind though the the drone is the most risky of these three methods, as it can also be easily spotted by enemies.

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