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Get a Closer Look at the Nintendo Switch UI and What’s Available in the Box

Nintendo Switch Home Menu

Get a Closer Look at the Nintendo Switch UI and What’s Available in the Box

Looking spiffy.

The Nintendo Switch has apparently been shipped out to some buyers by accident, which means that the console is officially out in the wild. With less than two weeks to go till its launch, both NeoGAF and Floko have gone up with footage of a Switch unboxing, as well as a better look at the console’s UI. You can check out NeoGAF’s UI video down below, and watch the unboxing footage here.

We did manage to get a look at the console’s interface previously, but overall, the UI does look pretty clean and organized, complete with options that allow users to customize their portable gaming experience. Considering that you will be able to charge the Switch even without the dock, it’s nice to see that the console itself caters to a few sleep and controller options to accommodate that experience. If you’re planning to use it as a home console, the dock also seems to be pretty simplistic in design and easy to set up.

The Nintendo Switch is set to be released on March 3.

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