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For Honor’s First Faction War Round Ends With Viking Win

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For Honor’s First Faction War Round Ends With Viking Win

Valhalla indeed.

The Vikings won the first round of For Honor’s faction war yesterday by capturing 24 territories compared to 21 for the Knights and 15 for the Samurai.

The faction war meta-game is one facet of For Honor’s multiplayer where the three factions fight an unending battle of capturing each others’ land. Completing matches earns “war assets” which players apply to a territory to attack or defend it. The team with the highest percentage in a territory claims it when the map refreshes every couple of hours.

The war is currently in Season 1, which comprises of five rounds with each round lasting two weeks. Players are prompted to choose a faction the first time the game is loaded, but characters from all factions are still available to use in multiplayer. Changing factions is possible, but forfeits all rewards for the current round.

Players that have chosen the Vikings will receive three premium scavenger crates, while Knights receive two and Samurai only gets one. Scavenger crates contain gear used to increase the stats of a character or can be scrapped to upgrade other pieces of gear.

Additionally, For Honor received a huge patch today which buffs a few characters and fixes many bugs specific to the PC version.


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