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For Honor Open Beta Is Now Available For Pre-load


For Honor Open Beta Is Now Available For Pre-load

Better start downloading.

While the For Honor Open Beta officially doesn’t kick off until February 9th, players interested in participating in this trail phase can now start pre-loading it on their platforms of choice. The total size of the client comes to around 27 GB.

The Open Beta will include all of the features available in the recently ended Closed Beta, with the only major addition being the brand new 4v4, no-respawn, Elimination mode. Other than that players will still get access to 9 out of the 12 classes available in the full game, as well as 6 whole maps.

for honor

The full list of content can be seen below:

Classes – Orochi, Kensei, Nobushi, Raider, Berserker, Warlord, Conqueror, Warden and Peacekeeper.

Maps – Sanctuary Bridge, Forest, River Fort, Canyon, Citadel Gate and Cathedral.

Game Modes – Elimination, Dominion, Brawl and Duel.

Additionally the Beta will also feature the Faction War, wherein players can pledge their allegiance to one of the game’s three factions and fight on their behalf to unlock new gear. You are not restricted to that specific faction during matches though, and can choose to play as either of the other two as well.

The Open Beta will be available on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC from February 9th to 12th, after which the full game will release on the 14th.


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