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Fire Emblem Heroes: US Release Time


Fire Emblem Heroes: US Release Time

US Release Time – Fire Emblem Heroes

Update: Fire Emblem Heroes is now available in the US on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

While the rest of the world is already enjoying the turn-based strategic action of Fire Emblem Heroes on their smart devices, fans in the US are still waiting for the app to go live.

Unfortunately, it seems like the game is coming a little bit later on in the day than Super Mario Run did when it released on iOS devices back in December.

Currently, we know that Fire Emblem Heroes is due to release today, Feb. 2. What we don’t know is the exact time that it will hit the app stores in the US. Nintendo hasn’t commented on the US release time for the app, so for now, it’s just a case of waiting and seeing.

Fire Emblem Heroes appeared to go live for most other regions within a window of a few hours, so what the hold up with its release in the US is about, we’re not entirely sure.

Nevertheless, we’ll be sure to keep this post updated as and when we know the US release time for the game, or when it’s finally gone live for US players.

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