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Fire Emblem Heroes Now Available on Mobile Devices

fire emblem heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes Now Available on Mobile Devices

Just like any other Fire Emblem, minus the permadeath.

Fire Emblem Heroes is now available! Reportedly hitting Japan, a few European countries, New Zealand, and Australia first, North America was one of the last few territories that received the game.

Fire Emblem Heroes boasts over 100 characters from launch alone, ranging from new favorites like Camilla to classics such as Linde. Four original characters to the mobile game are also available as recruits: Alfonse, Anna, Sharena, and Veronica with future updates bringing more. All of these characters appearing together (a lot of whom don’t share the same universe) is explained by your personal avatar. Unlike more recent titles with a customizable user character (Robin and Corrin), it follows in Blazing Blade’s footsteps by making you a silent hero. The avatar (you) in Heroes has the ability to summon forth heroes from other Fire Emblem dimensions to help fight in the war.

Fire Emblem fans won’t be disappointed, as Heroes keeps most of the core gameplay from the franchise. It is, for all intents and purposes, a mainline Fire Emblem game but built for mobile. The weapon triangle system is intact, with sword users having an accuracy advantage of axe wielders, axe over lance, and finally, lance over sword. It is still a turn-based game, though only four units can be used at once, allowing for much quicker play times.

However, being on the mobile platform, certain elements found within the medium, such as an energy system that subtracts throughout play is used. Energy slowly recovers over time or can be restored immediately with real world currency. The biggest feature from Fire Emblem not present is permadeath. With units being unlocked through a randomized gacha-style system that requires hard earned (or purchased) orbs, losing a character permanently is understandably a route that was avoided. The marriage system that was introduced in more recent titles will not be available, though support conversations between specific characters are.

The game has also been added to My Nintendo, Nintendo’s rewards program. Players can link their accounts here and gain points for completing a variety of in-game tasks. Points can be used to redeem rewards for Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo’s other mobile titles Super Mario Run and Miitomo, a bundle of other items across Nintendo platforms such as themes and videos, or even discounts.



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