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Fire Emblem Heroes: Is Death Permanent?


Fire Emblem Heroes: Is Death Permanent?

Is Death Permanent? – Fire Emblem Heroes

One of the staples in the Fire Emblem series is that if a hero unit dies in battle, their death is permanent. This was meant to give extra pressure to battles and make users think less carelessly when summoning units into battle. While there were a lot of mechanics and concepts brought into Fire Emblem Heroes, thankfully the permanent death concept was not. This means that if your hero dies in combat, regardless of the scenario, they will not be lost forever.

Given how difficult it can be to unlock fan favorites like Robin or Marth, it’s great to know that they won’t be lost into the aether if you slip up in battle. There is no penalty to a unit’s stats or abilities in battle, so don’t fear if you make a wrong move in Fire Emblem Heroes. If you feel like being a bit reckless to test a certain power or skill, this title is far more forgiving. This can also be a nice way to experiment with different hero combinations in battle since death isn’t that problematic.

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