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Fire Emblem Heroes: All Tier 4 Character Hero Units


Fire Emblem Heroes: All Tier 4 Character Hero Units

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Fire Emblem Heroes: Green Tier 4 Character Hero Units

A green weapon stone in Fire Emblem Heroes means your unit will be good against Blue characters but will suffer against Red ones. Normally it means that you’ll have an ax as a weapon, but that’s not necessarily the case. You can end up with a different weapon or instead use wind magic. Either way, a good rule of strategy is to have a balanced roster that you can switch between. Here are all the Green Tier 4 character hero units you can use to bolster your lineup.

  • Arthur, the Hapless Hero
  • Barst, the Hatchet
  • Bartre, the Fearless Warrior
  • Beruka, the Quiet Assassin
  • Cecilia, the Etrurian General
  • Cherche, the Wyvern Friend
  • Frederick, the Polite Knight
  • Gunter, the Inveterate Soldier
  • Jagen, the Veteran Knight
  • Nino, the Pious Mage
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