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Final Fantasy XV’s Latest Update Finally Brings 60fps Support to the PS4 Pro

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Final Fantasy XV’s Latest Update Finally Brings 60fps Support to the PS4 Pro

Smoothness incoming!

Though it was originally slated for release on February 21, Final Fantasy XV’s latest patch has been released a little ahead of schedule, bringing about some nice changes to the game. First off, the game finally supports 60 frames per second for PS4 Pro users. The bump in the frame rate should satisfy PS4 Pro users as this will ensure a much smoother gameplay experience.

In addition to that, the update also introduces new timed hunts and quests. These seem to be monster hunting quests that will only be available for a limited period of time, so players should get on those as soon as they are able. The level cap has also been increased to 120, and players will now be able to listen to music even while riding around on a Chocobo. For those who enjoyed the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, unfortunately the arrival of update 1.05 marks the end of that event as well.

Final Fantasy XV season pass owners will get access to the Booster Pack update on February 21. The game is now available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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