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Every Video Game Commercial We Saw at the Super Bowl

the legend of zelda

Every Video Game Commercial We Saw at the Super Bowl

The one time you’ll tolerate commercials.

The main draw of the Super Bowl for many is the commercials. What we’ve gotten this year have ranged from the cool to the straight up bizarre, with many brands and movies (and Stranger Things!) taking the stage. However, there were also some video games that got some air time, and in case you missed them, we’ve got them all here for you to see.

The first game commercial to show up during the Super Bowl was for the hit phone game Mobile Strike, which cost $5 million just to make. When you’ve got the Terminator in your commercial, that’s gonna happen, especially when he’s delivering pretty much every catch phrase that he’s best known for.

Elder Scrolls Online also got a commercial in during the Super Bowl, too. Having just announced that their upcoming expansion will return to Morrowind, it makes sense that they would want to lure in new players and those who hadn’t been made aware yet. While the ad itself was short, Bethesda later tweeted out the full video for you to enjoy.

Later on, it was back to mobile games with the ad for World of Tanks. They had not one, but four Super Bowl commercials. Thankfully, you can watch them all in a single playlist.

There was also a commercial for the mobile game Evony: The King’s Return, which features historical warfare with several well known actors. You’ve got Aaron Eckhart, Fan Bing Bing, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan all dressed up and ready to storm a castle in the name of you, the player, for your reign to begin.

Closing out the streak of video game commercials during the Super Bowl was one for the hotly anticipated Nintendo Switch, due out on Mar. 3. The commercial was brief and primarily showed footage from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but Nintendo released a longer version that covers the Switch’s features and more games than Zelda.

What were your favorite game commercials from the Super Bowl? Let us know in the comments down below.

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