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Elder Scrolls Online: How to Get a House


Elder Scrolls Online: How to Get a House

How to Get a House – The Elder Scrolls Online

Thanks to the new Homestead update that has rolled out, players in The Elder Scrolls Online are able to purchase a house for their characters within the world of Tamriel. There are currently two ways to purchase a home in the game right now. The first – which is the easiest but also most expensive – is to purchase them from the Crown Store. There you’ll find a number of houses both furnished and unfurnished. For a few extra crowns you can live lavishly in a stylish home, and you can swap out and reorganize the decorations as you please.

If you’re not into parting with your hard earned cash, you can use in-game gold, but that requires a bit more leg work as well. If you find a house in The Elder Scrolls Online that you want, you’ll need to talk to the residents of the area its found in to get their approval. They’ll ask for favors and send you on quests. Once complete, you can purchase the home in that zone and live merrily… until you get killed by some weird monster.

Once you have a home you can purchase furnishings and even add some utility with different locations for weapons, armor, gear, training, and your pets and mounts.

It should be noted that all homes are instanced, so you don’t have to fight for one you like. Everyone could buy the exact same location if they so choose, and the interior will be your own unique one.

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