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What’s New in Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers


What’s New in Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers

New paint.

Genre Change Is New

One of the first things you’ll notice when starting up Dynasty Warriors Godseekers is the rather big shift in genre, as the series has always been a third person hack n’ slash title. With this change comes interesting twists on existing gameplay mechanics and tropes that we have seen in previous franchise entries. Instead of controlling armies, users take command of up to five different heroes that are capable of wiping out entire battalions of soldiers with little effort. There is also a massive roster of characters to pick from, each of which presents their own moves, weapons, and skills that can be upgraded for battle.

Combat is now turn-based with the map laid out like a grid, which will force a more tactical approach to gameplay. Since the Dynasty Warriors series has always had an undercurrent of having players managing multiple forces, this genre change makes sense for the series’ direction. Every hero still has a special attack that sends units into the air via a spectacle of insane blows. Even though the actual moment to moment gameplay has been reworked for the format of a strategy game, the Dynasty Warriors personality has not been lost.

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