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Digimon World Next Order: How to Beat the Rina Questline


Digimon World Next Order: How to Beat the Rina Questline

Rina – Digimon World: Next Order

Rina is an NPC in Digimon World: Next Order that you meet relatively early on in the game during Chapter 1. She’ll send you a DigiMail message under the EX Scenarios tab telling you to meet her near the Cave Entrance of the Nigh Plains region. Simply head towards the Forest Path which is to the east of where you enter the Nigh Plains from the town and you’ll find the entrance to the cave area on your map.

Rina’s message is a bit on the odd side, seeming pretty suspicious, so you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking she’s an enemy. It turns out that she just wants to make you her apprentice since she’s the self-proclaimed best Tamer out there. Before she can really teach you anything though, you’re going to have to prove yourself to Rina, and that requires quite a bit of leg work.

She’ll give you a new one each time you clear the one before it:

  • Train 10 times
  • Bring Her 30 Digimushrooms
  • Bring 3 Recovery Discs (Super Regen, Super Double, Full Recovery)
  • Battle Her

After defeating Rina in battle, she’ll go back home. However, once you finish the main story of Digimon World: Next Order, she’ll come back to live Floatia, the main city that you’re working to build up in the game.

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