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Digimon World Next Order: How to Get Angewomon


Digimon World Next Order: How to Get Angewomon


Digimon World: Next Order is out, which means you get to explore a new world with two partners. If you want only the best of the best, Angewomon might be a good fit for you.

There is only one Digimon can evolve into Angewomon, so make sure you have Gatomon first before trying to continue. Once that step is secured, you’ll need to get 2,500 MP, 300 Strength, 350 Wisdom, 250 Speed, less than or equal to 34 in weight, less than or equal to 1 in mistakes, its bond up to 70 and disciple of 70. While these stats aren’t too insane to reach, you do need seven Key Points, which means you have to meet seven out of eight requirements.

You’ll also want to be careful that you don’t meet the requirements for any other Digimon, because Gatomon can evolve into two other forms and those requirements are close enough to cause a mistake. Once any requirements for an evolution is met, the Digimon will evolve automatically, which means you might have to start over.

Now that you know how to evolve your Gatomon into Angewomon in Digimon World: Next Order, you can go about trying to get stronger Digimon.

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