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Dark Souls III’s New DLC Has Gameplay Footage Featuring a Flaming Demon

dark souls III, the ringed city

Dark Souls III’s New DLC Has Gameplay Footage Featuring a Flaming Demon

One heck of an ending.

Today, Bandai Namco teased new gameplay footage for the upcoming DLC expansion for Dark Souls 3, The Ringed City.

The upcoming content will have players exploring a brand new convoluted region, inhabited by new enemies, mysteries, and characters. The DLC will feature new armor, weapons and magic. You can check out gameplay of the upcoming DLC below, which rounds the action off with a huge flaming demon.

Here’s everything you can expect from the upcoming DLC.

  • New PvP Arenas, that can be accessed whether you own only Ashes of Ariandel, The Ringed City, or both.
  • An update that changes PvP matchmaking functionality.
  • New Locations: The Ringed City, Dreg Heap (names not confirmed)
  • New Weapons and Shields
  • New Armor Sets
  • New Spells
  • New Rings
  • New Bosses
  • New NPCs

The Ringed City is the final piece of additional content for Dark Souls III. From the sounds of it, this DLC will conclude some of the plot points from the game’s previous DLC, “Ashes of Ariandel.”

The new Dark Souls III DLC launches March 28 on PS4, Xbox One and PC for $14.99. Season Pass owners will get The Ringed City for free.

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