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Conan Exiles: How to Get Glass & What It’s Used For


Conan Exiles: How to Get Glass & What It’s Used For

How to Get Glass – Conan Exiles

As you make your way through Conan Exiles, you’re eventually going to come across Glass, and maybe even desire some for yourself. But how do you get Glass, and what is it used for?

Players are reporting this resource as a drop from certain enemies, but the best way to get Glass is to create it. First, you’ll need some Crystal. This can be either harvested from within caves, or collected from the Rocknose, which pretty much looks like a rhinoceros made of rocks. Kill one of these puppies, and then use a pick to harvest it for Crystal.


Once you have your Crystal, you’ll need a furnace. This crafting station can be unlocked from your recipes, and made using 540 Stone. Once you have it set up, open it up and place your Crystal inside along with a fuel source like coal or wood. The furnace will start consuming two Crystal, and give you one Glass in return.

It’s not yet clear what Glass does in Conan Exiles. It will be presumably an important component in recipes down the line, but right now, there’s not much use to make of it in this early access piece of the full game. Feel free to stock up, though, for your future empire.

Now that you know how to get Glass, stay tuned to Twinfinite for more Conan Exiles tips and guides.


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