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Best Xbox One Video Games of 2017


Best Xbox One Video Games of 2017

Resident Evil 7: biohazard

Best Xbox One Video Games of 2017


Resident Evil made a grand return this year, with Resident Evil 7: biohazard standing as on of 2017’s top video games. The franchise went back to its true horror roots, honing in on its scares and creepy premise, all while incorporating a new first-person view.

Trapped in a derelict plantation in Louisiana, Ethan is on the hunt for his missing wife Mia. That aim takes a pretty hard backseat, though, once he realized the house is also filled with the deranged Baker family, among some other horrors. The star of these enemies is none other than Jack Baker (pictured above). He’s brutal, unforgiving, and the tiniest bit comical. The murderous patriarch has a huge personality, and never fails to fill you with dread as he drawls around the corridors.

Gameplay feels much like that of the rest of the series. You’ll conserve ammo, collect herbs, and manage your inventory across a series of storage boxes. Puzzles, horror, and the option to play it all in PSVR — which I can personally attest is the most severely terrifying gaming experience available. It all combines into a rousing experience, and one of the best video games to play on the Xbox One in 2017.

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