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Best Multiplayer Video Games of 2017


Best Multiplayer Video Games of 2017

For Honor

Best Multiplayer Video Games of 2017

For Honor is not only one of the best multiplayer video games of 2017, but one of the most unique action titles to release in quite a while. This new IP from Ubisoft tosses Vikings, Samurai, and Knights onto gorgeous battlefields, letting players take the reigns of history’s greatest warriors.

The action revolves around one-on-one melee duels. Even though the multiplayer game modes themselves will vary in objectives and maps, the real fun comes in the moments when you lock eyes with another player, and enter the duel stance. Here, you’ll watch each other carefully, analyzing each other’s patterns and slight tells in hopes of pulling off a successful attack or counter. Both of you will have chosen a unique class and faction, equipped yourself with a custom set of feats and gear, and (hopefully) learned the weaknesses and strengths of the various enemies you’ll find on the field.

It’s these tense moments and opportunities for strategy that make For Honor a standout multiplayer title. While there is a rather enjoyable single player campaign, filled with campy war action, all you’ll really want to do is take to the PvP warzone again and again, hoping you’re the one pulling off brutal executions this time around.

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