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All the Best MOBAs, Ranked


All the Best MOBAs, Ranked

Who’s got the best Jungle?

6. Paragon

The Best MOBAs, Ranked

Epic Games, Gears of War and Unreal Tournament developer, set out to make a more action-oriented MOBA with Paragon. The game, beautifully made with the company’s Unreal Engine 4, looks like a third-person shooter, but features the teamwork and strategy of a MOBA.

Another difference between this and others in the genre is its card system, which allows players to equip a deck of items and upgrades before the match starts. It is more accessible for new players than sifting through an in-game store to buy items during a match. Paragon sits at the bottom of the list because while it has the potential to be great, it is in open beta with no scheduled release date and gameplay systems can change.

Paragon is currently free to play for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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