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Berserk: How to Get All Trophies and the Platinum


Berserk: How to Get All Trophies and the Platinum

Trophies and the Platinum – Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

There are 40 trophies in Berserk and the Band of the Hawk that will require you to defeat the sadistic demons waiting for you while also surviving countless challenges as you fight for survival and revenge. It can be challenging at times, so we’ve outlined how to obtain each and every one of them.

True Berserk: Acquired all trophies

Wish Fulfiller: Fulfilled 50% of the desires in the Endless Eclipse Mode. Desires are challenges in the Endless Eclipse mode. They each last for five layers, and involve objectives such as killing specific targets, saving allies, or surviving for a set period of time. There are 60 in total that you can attempt randomly within certain segments of the Eclipse. You need to complete 30 of them.

The Desired: Fulfilled 100% of the desires in the Endless Eclipse Mode. Both this trophy and Wish Fulfiller will require multiple playthroughs of this mode. While you have infinite levels, you’re going to want to switch off characters in order to work towards all of the unlocks available in the game as well. This is a time-consuming trophy, but several of the other trophies are tied to it so hunker down and get ready for some challenges.

The Swordmaster: One of the characters has reached their maximum level. The max level in Berserk is 99. It will take a lot of grinding to reach this milestone, but the later missions in the story, as well as the Endless Eclipse, provide a lot of experience. Just farm higher layers and missions and you can hit max level shortly after completing the game.

Causality Scholar: Finished all of the events. This is much easier than it sounds. As you complete missions in Berserk’s story, you’ll unlock short events you can view by switching over to the Events tab in Story Mode (R1). They unlock automatically just by playing through the game, and all you have to do is watch them all (most are less than a minute long and you can skip right through).

Music Lover: Collected all of the BGM (background music). This also requires simply playing through the entire story, as new songs are part of later missions. This should pop as the credits roll.

Jeweler: Collected all of the Accessories. This is another of the time-consuming trophies and achievements in Berserk. You’ll need to beat the game as well as play through a large portion of the Endless Eclipse with all of the characters in the game in order to unlock every accessory. Many are random drops, which will require a lot of replaying, and some you will have to craft on your own by enhancing with specific materials.

Gatherer: Collected all of the portable items. This will require the same steps as Jeweler.

Stable Master: Collected all of the Warhorses. Same as all the other collectible trophies and achievements. Complete the story, complete the Desires, play through Endless Eclipse with different characters.

Lock Master: Completed first original Picture. As you play through the game, you’ll unlock Behelits by completing specific challenges in certain missions. Each of these Behelits unlocks a piece of different unlockable pictures. Complete any one picture for this trophy.

Absolute Lock Master: Obtain all Behelits in order to unlock all pictures. There are six images in total.

Liberator: Gallery Achievements have reached 25% or more. The gallery is where you can find a list of your characters, events, music, equipment, and pictures (which are called awards for some reason). Unlock 25% of all the collective unlockables.

True Liberator: Gallery achievements have reached 100%. This will require a lot of work as you’ll need all costumes, images, music, events, items, sub-weapons, warhorses, and accessories. You’ll need to unlock all characters and skins which requires beating the story, and then beating 100 layers of Endless Eclipse with every playable character. Then you’ll have to grind for anything you’re missing as well as obtain all items.

100 Man Slayer: Defeated 100 enemies at once in Frenzy Mode. You can actually obtain this trophy in the very first story mission of Berserk and the Band of the Hawk which serves as the game’s tutorial. You’ll have a powered up Guts and you’ll be told to use your Death Blow in a room full of enemies. They’ll instantly die and there are more than 100 of them.

1,000 Man Slayer: Defeated 1,000 enemies in a single battle. This is a very easy one that you don’t need to grind. Later in the game, you’ll kill 1,000 enemies in a single mission without even trying.

10,000 Man Slayer: Total number of Obliterated enemies has reached 10,000. Obliterated enemies are different from just defeated ones. Using Death Blow counts as obliteration, and some heavy attacks count. Just use your Death Blow every chance you get, and you’ll get this one naturally over time.

100,000 Man Slayer: Total number of enemies defeated has reached 100,000. Another one you’ll get naturally as you work towards all of the unlocks in Berserk and the Band of the Hawk.

Victory Cry: Have won battles with all playable characters. Clear one mission with each character.

Avenger: Defeated all of the large Apostles with Guts. The Apostles are the large, transformed bosses you’ll encounter in the story. Since you’re required to play as Guts through most of the story anyway, this is very easy. Simply beat the game and this will pop.

Apostle Lord: Defeated all of the large Apostles with Griffith. After you beat the story, you can play missions with whoever you want. Use Griffith to beat all of the bosses, and you’re good to go. You can also face them in the Endless Eclipse.

Woman-Warrior: Defeated 1,000 enemies in one battle as Casca. Play as Casca in any mission and make sure to kill 1,000 enemies before completion.

Secret Feelings: Rescued Casca once from a dire battle as Judeau. Dire battles occur when an ally is up against a powerful enemy, or is being overwhelmed by smaller ones. Pick a mission where Casca is an ally (The Invasion of Chuder is an early one), then wait for her to be overwhelmed. When it says on your screen that Casca is in a dire battle, run over and help her.

Loyal Servant: Rescued Farnesse once from a dire battle as Serpico. Just like Secret Feelings, you’ll have to wait for Farnesse to be in a dire battle while playing as Serpico. Slaying of the Trolls is a good one, as the sheer amount of enemies should make it easy for her to fall into a bad situation.

Apprentice Witch: Summoned 10 golems in one battle as Schierke. You unlock Schierke around halfway through Berserk. She has a unique Sub-Weapon that allows her to summon golems. Use this ability 10 times in one battle.

Nosferatu: Transformed three times in one battle as Zodd. While playing as Zodd you’ll need to fill up your Frenzy meter and then fill up your Death Blow Gauge in order to transform by pressing R2. You need to do this three times in one mission.

Enjoy and Excite: Defeated 1,000 enemies in one battle as Wyald. Wyald is the last character you’ll unlock in Berserk and the Band of the Hawk.

Elf Dimension Style Pupil: Gained more than 1 point in Becchi Catch. Becchi Catch is a hidden mini-game in Berserk and the Band of the Hawk. Enter the Gallery, then choose Events. Click on anyone that has a generic image rather than a colorful one and you’ll control Puck as he catches Behelits that fall from the sky. Simply catch two or more and that’s it.

Elf Dimension Style Secret Keeper: Won more than 50 battles together with Puck. The little, flying elf known as Puck joins you about a quarter of the way through the game. Keep completing missions with him at your side.

Berserker: Defeat all of the large Apostles on Berserk difficulty level. We suggest doing this after you’ve maxed out a strong character like Guts and have unlocked his Beast of Darkness armor through the Endless Eclipse. Many of the bosses are kind of cheap, and the camera certainly doesn’t do you any favors. So you’ll want to brute force your way through with constant death blows and keep your frenzy activated as often as possible.

There are also 11 hidden trophies that are sort of spoilery so we’ve included them on the next page.

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