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A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV Spin-Off Game Will Be Available for Free

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A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV Spin-Off Game Will Be Available for Free

More Final Fantasy goodness incoming.

A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV was a free spin-off game that was a bonus for those who pre-ordered Final Fantasy XV from GameStop. Set decades before the events of the main game, A King’s Tale was a great little 16-bit title which pays homage to the early Final Fantasy games.

A King’s Tale allows players to play through a bedtime story which King Regis is telling his son, Noctis, and features several characters who appear in the main game. As DualShockers reports, the cool little game is going to be made available on March 1 and can be downloaded from both the PlayStation Store and the Xbox Store.

As Square Enix says, the game features:

Deep Combat System – Combos, counters, and Regis’ signature “Warp Strike” combine for lightning fast real-time combat that rewards fast reflexes and smart tactics.
Companions – Three distinct companions offer unique and new ways to attack as well as tailored super moves that deal massive damage.
Magic – Ignite the battlefield, freeze your enemies, or electrify your foes with Fire, Ice, and Lightning magic.
Summons – Call upon epic Astral entities to decimate your foes in jaw-dropping ways.

If you’ve done everything there is to do in Final Fantasy XV then you’ll definitely want to check out A King’s Tale.

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