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5 Reasons to Start Getting Excited for the Nintendo Switch


5 Reasons to Start Getting Excited for the Nintendo Switch

Get ready for the Switch.

Play Your Switch On the Go, or at Home

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The Switch’s most attractive features may just be the ability to take it with you, wherever you want. As Nintendo’s first hybrid console, you can play it just as easily at home on your TV, or out and about on the tablet.

The Switch tablet is actually the core system, storing most of the power of the Switch, while the home dock is mostly an accessory to boost output and connect it to your TV. Because of this, you have an impressive portable device that can display games with surprising quality. While in docked mode, the Switch will display in 1080p, while handheld mode will display in 720p. The system also has a handy little kickstand, so you can prop it up while you play. Because of the system’s design, you can attach the Joy-Con controllers to the side of the system and hold it like a Game Boy, or pull them off and play that way.

The system does have Wi-Fi, so even when on the go, you can connect it and play online, something that could be incredibly useful for games like Splatoon 2. The only downside to this may be the 3-6 hour battery life on the tablet, which you can mostly alleviate by buying an extra charger or car charger. Additionally, the system charges when docked, which is incredibly easy to switch to. It’s an almost seamless transition when going to TV mode that just has you popping your tablet into the device. Just be careful and make sure you don’t have the stand up when you try to do so.

The portability of the Nintendo Switch opens up entirely new ways to play, and lets you take your favorite Nintendo titles on the go. Luckily, the Switch’s games come in tiny cartridges, making them even easier to haul around with you in your bag on your way to work or school.

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